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Save time managing your WordPress site

Reliable ongoing WordPress support that keeps your website updated, secure, and maintained so you don't have to.


WordPress Updates

Updating of your plugins, themes, and WordPress versions. Many plugins release new versions often. Maintaining updates helps prevent hacks and keeps your site running smooth.


Database Optimization

Running a WordPress site will build up spam comments, post revisions, and other database overhead. This is cleaned once a week before it builds up and slows you down.


Daily Backups

Website backups are the best backup plan.  Your site will be backed up in the cloud once a day. Backups are secured off-site for quick restoration in case of emergency.


Proactive Security

Enforcement of recommended security techniques to prevent against risks such as brute force hacking and core file access. Plus, daily malware scans to detect potential malicious code.


Speed Optimization

Speed up page load time on your website with techniques such as script & style minification, lossless image compression, multi-layer caching, CDN (content delivery network) support, and more.


E-commerce Updates

If you accept payments on your website for products, subscriptions, or services, it needs extra care to run smoothly.  E-commerce plugins are updated and checked on the front-end for issues.


Setup Tasks

Need a plugin installed and set up, or theme options adjusted to achieve a desired result?  It can be any setting from your WordPress dashboard, theme options, or plugin settings.


Active Monitoring

Automatic daily site monitoring will alert if it’s down so we can take action to get it back up ASAP. Plus, font-end checkups after each update to see if anything broke, so it can be restored or fixed.


Content Updates

Any piece of content on your website, such as text, images, video, blog posts, links, etc. can be updated for you.  Simply send over the new content and it will be replaced or added to the site.

I no longer worry that my WordPress website will break or be hacked. Mark is reliable and super quick with his ongoing maintenance!

– Rebecca Berneck, Officeheads

$39/ month

Weekly WordPress Updates

 Daily website backups

Database optimization

 Proactive security

Speed optimization

Setup tasks

E-Commerce updates

Active monitoring

Content updates

$199/ month

Daily WordPress Updates

 Daily website backups

Database optimization

 Proactive security

Speed optimization

Setup tasks

E-Commerce updates

Active monitoring

Content updates

Monthly Reports

Every plan includes a report that you’ll receive in your email, outlining the updates and tasks performed on your site within the last month.

Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.
A la carte WordPress support services

One-time Update

Update WordPress, all themes, and all plugins. Includes front-end checkup. $49

Admin clean up

Review installed plugins, remove or replace unused or vulnerable and outdated.  $79

Security lock-down

Perform a security scan and audit. Harden common security risks to secure WordPress.  $149

Custom Development

Any task, design or development outside the scope of a support plan can be done at fixed or hourly rate.  Ask for quote

Common Questions

Your site is rolled-back to the backup saved before the update was made. The methods for this vary in some cases (due primarily to e-commerce functionalities, if present). From there, you’ll be notified of the issue. Small issues are taken care of at no extra cost, but certain plugin fixes, issues caused by users, or time-consuming issues are billable if you do not have the Webmaster plan. You’ll be notified before receiving an invoice.

The plugin is still monitored for issues as before. If no breaking changes or other issues are presented, it remains on the site. We sometimes encounters plugins that are extremely out dated and no longer maintained by the developer.  Because this can put your site at risk of having security holes in an old plugin, we will recommend an alternate plugin that offers similar functionality.

Unfortunately, even with proactive security and weekly updates, a hack could somehow be possible. In the event a security issue does occur, our goal is to respond ASAP.  Your site can be rolled-back to a previous backup if we know it to be clean.  Otherwise we will recommend a third-party malware removal services to clean your site and restore it to a current working order.

In most cases, an unlimited amount of content updates can be performed.  This is only because most websites are already established and therefore do not have very many content changes each month. For sites that are undergoing continual content revision, a limit of 10 content update tasks per month applies. The need for more tasks must wait until the following month.

Setup tasks usually take around 15 minutes.  The time our communication takes to discuss the task is free. In a typical month anywhere from 1 – 4 tasks may be requested.  If more are required, they will need to be addressed the following month.