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At the beginning of 2015 statistics showed that 23% of all websites were powered by WordPress.  That’s tens of millions of websites!

This post is simply intended to help solidify your confidence in running your website on WordPress. Yes, you’ve probably heard about malicious hacking, but when it’s managed correctly that’s not a problem.  Not to mention WordPress is trusted by some of the largest companies to run their blogs and websites.

Some of the major sites using WordPress

These sites alone get millions of visitors each month, which shows just how reliable and flexible WordPress can be.

Why is WordPress such a great choice?

Being so popular, it must have an alluring set of features.  These qualities that make it ultra usable and an ideal choice for building your website upon.

  • Massively extendable
    When you need extra functionality there are thousands of plugins to choose from.
  • Enormous community
    Thousands of developers come together to build its core.  And thousands more are easily found when you need help developing your site.
  • Frequent updates
    Continual updates means proactive security; patching security holes and adding features.


WordPress’ popularity is confirmed by stats showing it is the most used CMS (content management system) worldwide.  More than 60% of users choose WordPress over other CMSs like Joomla or Drupal.  So, let go of that concern you may have had with running a WordPress site and take solace in knowing that you’re in good hands.

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