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There’s no two ways about it; any website we craft will be built with a Responsive Design.  This has become our standard, and we do so because of the fast growth of hand held device usage and the large variant of screen sizes.

What is Responsive Design?

This type of design will scale up and down to fit any screen size.  A responsive website will keep the same content, but adapt its layout to fit your phone or tablet, or whatever insane device you’ll be visiting websites on in the future.  This replaces the need for a dedicated mobile version of your website.  Instead the user get’s the same design, same content, and optimized experience from their desktop to their phone.

Why is Responsive Design our standard?

We all know how fast technology evolves.  With this in mind, we can continuously optimize websites for differing screen sizes.  There’s no reason for us to build a site with a fixed width that doesn’t scale up or down to fit other screen widths.  It doesn’t make sense with today’s mobile tech.

Now we’re aiming for better ways to deliver content on different screens, and make these experiences as optimal as possible for each.   Responsive design allows us to deliver your website to more users on more devices.

Do you have any questions about Responsive Design?

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