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Over the course of many years of selling my skills as a web designer, it’s become clearer and clearer that this type of service is very hard to put a price tag on.


There are countless considerations that go into pricing out a project; those which originate on the client side and others from the work to be done.  It’s a completely different process for each project.  However, over the years I’ve noticed some patterns and have been able to gauge a bit more accurately what something should cost in different circumstances.  Now I’m trying out a totally new approach that I think will suit the majority of my website inquisitors.

A product

I’ve discovered that the majority are looking for similar elements that I can provide as a sort of packaged service.  This transparently priced product includes a set of base features at a single cost.  I’m then offering additional features as individually priced addons.  All together I believe this hits a particular demand in the market which is otherwise not quite fulfilled.

Product goals

With this new product I’m targeting businesses that need a high quality website to serve varying functionality to their users.  But it’s aimed at those with a slightly smaller budget than others who desire a fully custom experience.  I think this hits right between the high priced agencies and the very low cost do-it-yourself services like Wix or SquareSpace.

I want my clients to have access to my years of web design experience and problem solving, which they won’t find with the latter option.  And I want them to benefit from a high quality product without the high margin of cost.

I am promoting this web design product at an introductory price in order to further understand the market’s needs, and perhaps plan to adjust it later on.

I’m excited to see this will grow and adapt along with it.  Check out the landing page right on the home page of this site for more details and to get started with your project!

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