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At this time there are over 66 million websites running WordPress.  Needless to say it’s one of the most popular web platforms, but that also makes it a popular target for hackers.  Keeping your WordPress site secure and maintained is paramount.

Security measures for WordPress

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your website is kept more secure.  Some of these measures are manageable within the WordPress admin area, while others are done at a programmatic level.

It’s important to do a security audit once a month to ensure your site remains protected.  During an audit you’ll want to make sure your user accounts have strong passwords and adhere to some basic user guidelines.  You can also hide the current version of your WordPress installation, which is typically displayed as meta data in the header, so hackers have less of an understanding of your site.  As well, a regular security scan will detect malware and other issues your site may be at risk by.  These are just a few measures you can take to maintain a tight WordPress ship.

WordPress security and maintenance services

Remove the burden of maintaining your own WordPress site by opting for a service that does it all for you, and then some.  I’ve begun integrating such a service with the websites I host for my clients.  This allows me to monitor each site for risks, maintain WordPress updates and those for plugins or themes, and automate certain tasks such as backups.

With a watchful eye on the security of each WordPress site, I’m also providing beneficial maintenance that keep each site running smoothly.  Making sure the bulk of spam comments is cleared will reduce latency, since even a spam plugin will let them pile up (hidden).  Same goes for database overhead; as kilobytes of data build up from general usage, it can cause the database to slow down.  This is cleared out regularly, too.

Keeping WordPress secure and maintained is no quick task, and requires regular monitoring and testing.  It’s a convenient option to go with a maintenance service that takes the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on running your business instead.

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