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Everyday I sit at my computer and get ready to work, but end up browsing CSS gallery sites.  Over years of doing so, I’ve come to visit a small handful of these sites which I think are the best of the best.  These particular gallery style sites showcase some of the best looking websites out there, are updated daily (or at least often enough), and they themselves boast a nice design.  Here are my favorites, listed in the order which I visit.

*Edit:  I’ve since decided to remove a couple galleries and add a couple new ones.  As well, I’ve reordered them in order of the most updated on a daily basis.


css dsgn

CSS DSGN is a newcomer among my gallery site bookmarks, and so far it seems very promising.  Updated daily, it displays a good amount of sites not easily found on other galleries.  It also has a sizable archive which I still plan to explore.

CSS Mayo

css mayo

CSS Mayo is my next favorite gallery which is not only updated daily, but usually with a decent amount of new sites.   It also has a feature allowing you to save sites to your lightbox.

Folio Focus

Folio Focus

Folio Focus is a newcomer to my daily inspiration, and so far they seem to have updates regularly, if not daily.  I love that it only displays portfolios of those in the creative online biz (ie: web designers, graphic designers,etc.)

The CSS Awards

the css awards

Probably the most interesting way of displaying and reviewing the finest CSS based websites; The CSS Awards always adds one new website everyday.  Of course for those of us who love a hefty dose of updates, this will only be a tease.  But be sure to check out the Honorable Mention gallery for more frequent updates.

Design Bombs

design bombs is some of my favorite inspirational design sites.  It hasn’t been updated daily in a while, but is updated at least a few times per week.  Plus it displays a fair amount of sites that other galleries have not showcased yet.

CSS Line

css line

CSS Line has quite a large collection of well designed websites, and it utilizes the infinite scroll jquery technique to display its content.  However this makes it quite hard to come back later and continue browsing where you last left off.  Oh, and I love their logo!

There you have my favorite CSS gallery websites.  I encourage daily visits to each site, in depth exploration of archives, and in general a complete overload of designer’s inspiration.  There are countless gallery sites on the web, many of which display a poor selection of sites, or they themselves just look too awful to even give a chance.  Stick with these galleries and you will surely find what you are looking for.

Other galleries worth visiting:

*Note:  Check back for updates to the galleries list, and don’t forget to bookmark this blog post.

Best Web Gallery – Beautiful designs, but has suffered from a lack of daily updates for quite a while now.

Unmatched Style – Offers much more than just a gallery.  Screencasts, news, interviews, and more.

The Design Inspiration – Massive collection of more than just web design.  Logos, artwork, photography, and more.

Designflavr – Another mix of art, design, graphics, photography, print and logo work.

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