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Everyone probably tells you that you need to do more social media marketing.  That’s what will help your business grow online, by sharing knowledge and building a following.  Sounds like a plan, right?  I’m sure at one time or another you’ve also realized that you simply do not have time to sit there and come up with Twitter or Facebook posts, and pretty soon your brilliant social marketing plan is debunked.  Well, worry no more about time spent on social media with Beatrix.


Beatrix is an awesome new web app designed to free up time spent marketing on your several social profiles.  It’s a finely tuned automated social media marketing tool that you can setup in minutes, and press start.  There’s a saying; if you have to do a task more than twice, then automate it.  I think Beatrix has met a need that’s in great demand.

Automatic social posting

The app is very straight forward.  You sign in and setup some basic parameters such as your timezone and industry, and connect it to a social profile.  You’ll be asked to adjust the degree at which you’d like certain keyword categories to be used.  For instance, if you want to have a lot of posts about web design, but very few about photography, then adjust them by sliding a switch up or down.  Easy peasy.


You can add custom keywords for any industry that will be used to to create content for your social posts.  There’s a huge list of industry keywords to choose from, or you can add your own and Beatrix will begin learning which posts to fit within your keyword.  You’ll be able to preview one week’s worth of posts queued up before they go out, and have the chance to remove any you don’t like and replace them with other auto generated options.

Every post that Beatrix finds for you is from any number of legitimate websites and blogs around the web.  This is real content you should be posting!  It’s is a great time saving app that will greatly increase your social media marketing output.  Plus, it can auto generate hashtags based on each post. You can still post your own custom Tweets and updates from the dashboard if you want.   Your queue of posts will go out in intervals each day on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Beatrix is a social media marketing app worth trying out.  It’ll save you loads of time, and increase your social marketing output.  Do you think Beatrix will help improve your social marketing?

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