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How to update WordPress, plugins, and themes safely

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system. It's used by millions of websites. While this is amazing for the longevity of the platform, it also means hackers target it because of its popularity. The biggest vulnerability is out…

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WordPress vs Squarespace: Why WordPress is Better

I've seen advertisements for Squarespace, so I'm guessing you may have too. It's an enticing option for an individual or small business looking to launch a new website. Myself, I've always worked with WordPress. I use it for my clients…

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Google is giving more attention to HTTPS websites

Have you ever seen https:// in a url, understood it meant the website was secure, but thought your website didn't need it?  Well, that's all changing. Last year Google announced they would begin giving websites with HTTPS a priority over websites…

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WordPress continues to be the popular choice

At the beginning of 2015 statistics showed that 23% of all websites were powered by WordPress.  That's tens of millions of websites! This post is simply intended to help solidify your confidence in running your website on WordPress. Yes, you've…

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Hot Web Design Trends of 2014

This last year brought into use some very impactful web design trends.  Let me jump right in. Full screen video backgrounds This might be the most prominent trend of 2014.  Huge auto playing videos run silently in the background while…

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Examples of clean modern web design

Clean and modern web design comes in many different styles, but there's one in particular that I love.  Its use of heavier weight fonts both large and small, bound by plenty of whitespace and bold backgrounds, makes it easy on…

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Web Design Services as a Product

Over the course of many years of selling my skills as a web designer, it's become clearer and clearer that this type of service is very hard to put a price tag on. There are countless considerations that go into…

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WordPress Security: User Accounts

Your user accounts can be one of the weakest links when it comes to WordPress security.  Because of how popular WordPress is, hackers will brute force attack these sites with automated systems that guess usernames and passwords.  You've probably already…

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